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Dota 2 – hero roles

In Dota 2, each hero can fulfill one or more roles, which are primarily determined by the skill set and play style of this hero. Each role has its own purpose and understanding which hero should do what is one of the most important moments in forming a team and completing tasks during a match.


Carries are very powerful heroes in the late stages of the game. Their potential depends on what items they have collected. Usually, in the early game, they are quite weak and therefore should be protected by supports, but later, with a constantly sufficient amount of gold, they become quite powerful. To reveal their full potential, they must skillfully use their abilities. Having a large number of heroes of this role in the team can greatly complicate the game, since each player will need to gain experience or extra gold, which, of course, will complicate the development of other players.


Supports are heroes whose main task is to help allies earn more gold and experience, the heroes of this role are also called support heroes. They may pay less attention to the amount of gold and items they need to get, relying mostly on their abilities to gain an advantage over the enemy team. Most often, such heroes have healing abilities, they help to immobilize enemies, allowing their allies to quickly kill the enemy, and supports also take measures to protect the team so that they are not taken by surprise.Such heroes are practically independent of items, so they spend part of the gold on consumable items: Animal Courier, Observer Ward, Sentry Ward, Smoke of Deceit and others. In the early game, when carries are not particularly strong, supports should do their best to protect them.


Disabler are heroes that can take enemies out of battle with their abilities. In essence, disablers are the same support heroes, they are also able to play the role of initiators, making surprise kills on enemy heroes, if there are not too many of them.


Initiator – As the name of the role implies, the main task is to initiate a battle with enemy heroes. In most cases, the heroes of this role, the heroes have abilities that affect a large radius. Initiators, as a rule, start fights at the most unexpected moments for opponents. The main task of such heroes is to immobilize and inflict the maximum possible damage to the entire enemy team, then it’s up to the allies.


Durables are heroes that serve as a reliable support for the team. Such heroes are able to withstand a huge amount of damage, due to the large amount of health and armor. They always try to take all the damage on themselves, give time to weaker comrades to deal with the enemy.


Nukers – these heroes are able to quickly kill enemy heroes using their powerful spells with a low cooldown. Basically, nukers rely on the power of their spells rather than the power of normal attacks.

Line Support

Line support are heroes that help protect the team’s carries by standing in lane with them in the early game, giving them the opportunity to gain experience and gold. Most often, such heroes have the ability to heal or protect their allies.


Pusher – they specialize in the rapid destruction of enemy towers and barracks at all stages of the game, they are also able to quickly push the line to the enemy base. Their main goal is to destroy enemy towers, allowing the team to end the game quickly before the enemy carries get too powerful. Pushers are also capable of preventing the enemy from gaining experience and gold.


Junglers are heroes that effectively gain experience and gold by killing neutral creeps in the jungle, thereby allowing one of the players on their team to develop in the lane on their own. Typically, junglers have abilities that allow them to quickly kill or take control of neutral monsters. This tactic has the advantage that your team gains more experience than the enemy team.


Escape – heroes who have abilities that allow them to easily avoid death. Such heroes most often have the ability to invisibility or teleportation. These heroes can not only quickly retreat, they are also ready to quickly and unexpectedly enter the fray.

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